Video Wall


Kiosk Display Panel Technology: LCD Panel screen with DLED backlit Brightness: 500/700 nits Contrast Physical: 1400:1 Viewing angle: 178°/178° Physical seam: 3.5mm Max resolution: 1920*1080 (4K support) Kiosk Electrical components Power supply: MEAN WELL Industrial type Input port: HDMI*1 VGA*1 DVI*1 RS232*1 USB*2 AUDIO IN-L(RCA)/IN-R(RCA)*1 PC AUDIO*1 AV(BNC)*4 Y/Pb/Pr(BNC)*1 SV-Y/SC-C(BNC)*1 Output Ports: AV(BNC)*1 RS232*1 AUDIO OUT-L(RCA)/OUT-R(RCA)*1 Recommend size: 46'' 47'' 49'' 55''

Application of LCD Video Wall

Transportation Industry

LCD video wall could be used in the information display terminal of transportation industry, such as airports, ports, metro, highway. Because more information could be displayed integrated and timely in the LCD display.

Financial Industry

LCD video wall could be used in the information display terminal of financial industry, such as stock and security market. These places are usually very spacial and there is crowded population. The wide viewing angle of LCD video wall makes people see the displaying information clearly and effortlessly from different directions and positions.

Commercial Industry

LCD video wall could be used in the display terminal of commercial industry, such as advertising, media, product presentations etc. The LCD video wall could meet the high requirement for bright images and vivid videos because of its high definition and high brightness. At the same time, the LCD video wall could work around the clock for years without break, which makes it the best choice for commercial industry to display information with intermission.

Management and Control System

LCD video wall could be used in the display terminal of management and control system such as fire-fighting, meteorology, maritime, food prevention, transportation hub etc. The management and control system features that a wide monitoring range must be displayed to the control center so that the manager could make a quick response. In this case, the independent displays of each screen in LCD video wall makes a great difference for the manager in the management and control center.

Safety Monitoring System of Mining and Energy Industry

High definition, wider monitoring range and multi-screen displays of LCD video wall increase the levels of the safety in production. Even the the dark mine images could be displayed clearly in the LCD video wall.

Education and Conference System

The LCD video wall could display the information prepared by the educator or conference organizer in advance, which could help the listeners understand the information better, and at the same time, which could save the participants’ a lot of time. In a word, the LCD video wall could improve the efficiency greatly of education and conference.